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Cuteness x Infinity

by Anastasia on August 25, 2010

YOU MAY REMEMBER from a while back, a little post I wrote about the ever-adorable brother and sister team Tessa and LB from the blog Pacing the Panic Room. Well nowadays Tessa is already one and her daddio just recently put together this video chronicling the lil’ peanut’s growth in the womb. I find it endlessly cute when LB shows up in the photos. Big bros rule!

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Unhappy Hipsters

by Anastasia on July 16, 2010

"Rather than come to blows with his sister over the missing Lego tree, he sat beneath his prayer flags and let the feelings wash over him." (Photo: Dave Lauridsen; Dwell)

THE HILARIOUS PHOTO BLOG Unhappy Hipsters posts photos from trendy design magazines along with little satirical captions. I always find the captions about kids especially entertaining (like these little dudes and this gal). But I laughed out loud when I saw this new post about a brother brooding over his sister and her inability to share Legos. Love it!


Marina Abramović Made Me Cry

by Anastasia on April 30, 2010

ALMOST 1,000 MILES AWAY from Marina Abramović’s current performance piece at MoMA, I have been deeply moved by the photos of visitors to her exhibition, The Artist Is Present. In this piece, Abramović waits at a table all day and people are invited to sit across from her and stare into her eyes. [click to continue…]


I Love…

by Anastasia on January 8, 2010

500x_v_solve_9THIS PHOTO SHOOT of real-sized women in next month’s issue of V Magazine! Such beautiful styling. What do you think?

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If I Were the Stork: Furry Babies

by Anastasia on November 12, 2009

il_430xN.101529493I‘M PRETTY SURE my lease agreement doesn’t include a clause on how baby farm animals are more than welcome. Darn. But thanks to photographer Sharon Montrose, I can now invite these darling little animals into my home. Lamb or baby porcupine? I can’t decide…


L. Weingarten’s ‘Questions’

by Anastasia on October 14, 2009

1907653_228947_e8898dc8f7_pSINCE SO MUCH OF WHAT we discuss here on The Sister Project network is about embracing and defining female gender identity, I’ve been compelled more and more to explore the nebulous concept of gender itself on this blog. Photographer L. Weingarten has an incredible photo project called “A Series of Questions,“depicting trans individuals holding written questions that they’re often asked about their gender and sexuality. The images made me consider (again) the significance of gender in our lives (and within “sisterhood”). All of the images can be found here.

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Nuns by Shannon Taggart

by Anastasia on October 2, 2009

swing2I COULD STARE AT Shannon Taggart’s series of nun photographs for hours. What do you think?

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The Sisterhood Keeps on Growing…

by Anastasia on September 8, 2009

This post is part of TSP’s network-wide “Sisters I’ve Met Along the Way” celebration, marking 9 months of blogging together, and toasting the women (and men) we’ve met.

3718666693_c0bd6e5171WHETHER YOU LIKE IT or not, summer is closing up shop and making room for fall to move in. And despite the fact that I’ve been in school for three weeks, I’m still in denial about the changing seasons. The exciting bit, however, is that our baby, The Sister Project, is forever growing (in age and size). We started with a tiny group–just Marion, Margaret, Paige and me–but in the past nine months our family has blown up faster than the octomom’s. So, many thanks to the following (new) friends, who have opened their arms to us during the first months of our life: [click to continue…]


Twins by Albrecht Tübke

by Anastasia on August 6, 2009

0443I FIRST NOTICED Albrecht Tübke’s photography on Black*Eiffel, in a post about swimming. I followed the links, and was amazed to find the most stunning photos of matching twins. I’m not even sure where Tübke is from (a quick search didn’t reveal too much). Thoughts? Guesses? Do you have a favorite in his series? My favorite is above and the rest are all here. Wow.