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Margaret: Simply the Best…

by Anastasia on February 23, 2011

BIG SISTER, DIRT-MONGER, WILD CAT-TAMER, plant-lover, bigtime blogger, partner in insanity (um, trust me I know about this one), pioneeress, surrogate mother, and now tack another roaring head above the proverbial mantel: memoirist! Margaret has written a memoir about leaving her wild corporate job for peace in the, well, wild. I read it on my vacation to Tokyo last month and let me tell you, [click to continue…]

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Preparing to Hibernate

by Anastasia on November 9, 2010

SPEAKING OF CRAFTS, I thought I’d share a photo that sums up how I’ve been spending the bulk of my free time lately. That’s right: I’ve been canning. It all started with this recipe for refrigerator pickles that Margaret Roach, founder of The Sister Project, posted on her gardening blog. I love how the simple steps of canning–sterilizing the jars; boiling a brine; gathering the perfect combination of spices–connects me to Margaret even though we’re separated by a thousand miles, and also connects me to the many women in my family who have done this very activity over the past hundred years. This women’s work is powerful stuff, eh?

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Quilting Envy

by Anastasia on October 7, 2010

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CONFESSION: I ONCE CHECKED OUT The Idiot’s Guide to Quilting from the Greensboro Public Library. And then it sat in my dorm room with some fabric scraps for several months collecting late fees before I finally returned it. So I haven’t had much luck getting the basics down (which makes me feel super lame next to the women in this video). But every time I see fantastic women creating beautiful quilts I’m in love. It’s love. (Like that lovely bespectacled lady says.) Now if this isn’t sisterhood, I don’t know what is.

(Thanks to my crafty friend Cara for posting this video!)


Oh, Won’t You Come Celebrate?

by Anastasia on March 8, 2009

Today is International Women’s Day, honoring the economic, political and social achievements of women throughout history. IWD has its roots in the early 20th century demonstrations of women working in textile and garment factories, and has evolved into a global celebration and official holiday in dozens of countries world-wide. All of us at TSP are suggesting honorees (you’ll find Paige‘s and Marion‘s picks elsewhere on this site); won’t you share yours?

8march_landyshIN CELEBRATION OF the March 8th holiday, I’d like to some of the women that have truly inspired me:

1.  My grandmother, Lady (Edna DeCaroli Salem) [click to continue…]


On to the Next Holiday, Together

by Anastasia on December 26, 2008

"The Spirit of New Year's Eve," made by Geraldine George after Lady's design.

E VERY YEAR since I can remember, my brother T and I adorn our Christmas tree with strings of cranberries and popcorn and with ornaments made of paper snowflakes and dough. We learned these thrifty traditions from our mother, who had learned them from her own mother. Always laboring to make ends meet, my grandmother (whom we affectionately referred to as Lady) decorated her tree with popcorn and cranberries and dozens of handmade egg characters. (My favorite design, left, is “The Spirit of New Year’s Eve” complete with faux lashes and blond bouffant.) Her trees and ornaments are a mainstay in our memories of Christmas. [click to continue…]


A Smith Family Holiday Pastime Made Easy

by Anastasia on December 8, 2008

HOW TO RECREATE this photo with your own brother:

1. Raid medicine cabinet for cotton balls.

2. Ignore Mom’s calls not to take too many.

3. Unroll each ball into a long fluffy strip.

4. Apply cotton to brother’s face with Scotch tape.

5. Adorn brother with Santa hat (he should be wearing red for maximum effect).

6. Sit on him (even if you are 2/3 his size) for photo op.


The Sister Project hopes you’ll share a holiday photo with a sister twist with us. We’ll post them all in a special gallery show as they arrive, to showcase all the facets of sisterhood at the holidays, from Halloween to New Year’s. Sisters with sisters, sisters with brothers, sisters with sister-friends…your call. All we need: your jpg and a caption (naughty like Anastasia’s or nice as you please) in an email to thesisterproject at gmail dot com. Ho, ho, ho.