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by Anastasia on July 6, 2011

WELL, IT’S HAPPENED. My older brother is officially old. Today is T’s 30th birthday. (Yet mysteriously he doesn’t seem a day over twelve.) When I asked him what he was planning on doing today, he responded with: “Well let me tell you what I’m NOT going to do today.” He then proceeded to list only two activities, both of which had to do with launching into space. So take heed, American public, anything is possible. [click to continue…]


Le Brother

by Anastasia on February 22, 2011

LAST WEEK I THREW myself over a huge hurdle. (And I’m still not even sure how I did it.) I completed my MFA thesis reading. My parents came to North Carolina from various corners of the world and my sweet boyfriend traveled all the way from Tokyo to see me read. But even among all the excitement, I was sad to see that one big-baby-man-face was missing from the crowd. That’s right: T was on vacation in Costa Rica. However, my brother did send this congratulatory email in his absence. [click to continue…]


On Brotherhood

by Anastasia on January 18, 2011

AS IT TURNS OUT, my brother T has been in the throes of paramount brotherly obligations lately. And no, I do not mean he has been on the phone coaching me through my teaching dilemmas with sage big brother advice. He happens to be the best man in his BFF’s upcoming wedding. And in true T fashion, he is taking this duty very seriously. And by very seriously, I mean he has been planning a blow-out bachelor party in Las Vegas. When we talked about it on the phone, I was all “Whaaat?! Don’t you think that’s a little extravagant?” And he was all, “No.”

Brotherhood means business, I guess.


Sisterly Gift Guide: The Big Brother

by Anastasia on December 6, 2010

MY BROTHER T IS NOTORIOUSLY hard to shop for. This is not to say that he isn’t grateful. (He’s actually a total sweetie about receiving gifts.) It’s just that he’s that guy at every holiday function who loves being the Santa–you know, breaking the bank to make everyone’s gift wishes come true. (Think Michael Scott as Secret Santa in season two of The Office.) So naturally, it’s tricky to buy for the boy whose personal Christmas shopping motto is “go hard or go home.” Is this person in your family, too? If so, take heed (clockwise from top left): [click to continue…]


Unhappy Hipsters

by Anastasia on July 16, 2010

"Rather than come to blows with his sister over the missing Lego tree, he sat beneath his prayer flags and let the feelings wash over him." (Photo: Dave Lauridsen; Dwell)

THE HILARIOUS PHOTO BLOG Unhappy Hipsters posts photos from trendy design magazines along with little satirical captions. I always find the captions about kids especially entertaining (like these little dudes and this gal). But I laughed out loud when I saw this new post about a brother brooding over his sister and her inability to share Legos. Love it!


Happy Birthday Sleepyhead

by Anastasia on July 6, 2010

zzzzzzzzz...on the couch before we left and then on the shores of the river.

HOW LUCKY AM I to be able spend some quality time with my brother T on his birthday? It’s been way too long since we hung out. (Six months!) To celebrate his 29th year, we brought a picnic lunch to the Green River. In true T style, however, all he wanted to do was nap. What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets, right?

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Baby Fever

by Anastasia on May 16, 2010

OY, I’VE GOT IT bad. As I round the quarter-century bend in my life, some primordial alarm clock within me is screaming. (Anyone else?) I nearly burst into tears at the sight of this awesome eco-friendly onsie (as modeled by little guy J from Marvelous Kiddo with his big bro in the background). It’s from the Scandinavian children’s clothier Vyssan Lull. Why is it that Scandinavians are so endlessly cool?

(Photo by Leigh)


Little Dudes Do Seinfeld

by Anastasia on May 13, 2010

YouTube Preview Image

I‘M SMITTEN WITH THIS video of lil’ brothers lip syncing to Jerry Seinfeld’s “Halloween” stand-up. That little dude in the Hawaii shirt is so fidgety and hilarious! (I love when he “says” that his mother made him wear a winter coat over his cool costume…mine too!)

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Ye Olde Wassailing Tunes

by Anastasia on December 21, 2009

YouTube Preview Image

WE’RE BIG FANS of Christmas carols in my family. “Oh Holy Night,” “Little Drummer Boy,” “The 12 Days of Christmas,” you name it, we’ve been singing it this week. And so last night between verses of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” my mom asked me if I remembered my very first favorite Christmas song. I was stumped at first. And then I remembered “Children Go Where I Send Thee,” and all the many Christmases T and I spent clapping and dancing along (with arguably as much spirit as that little tyke on the right) to the rhythm of that song came back to me. What about you? What was your childhood favorite carol? Current favorite?


The Goof Gene

by Anastasia on October 16, 2009

IMG_4332AS I MENTIONED EARLIER this week, I recently spent some time hanging out with my dad while he was visiting North Carolina. We had a great visit that was punctuated by headlocks, non sequiturs, and spontaneous drowsiness. And it really got me thinking how many of you TSP fans ask, “where does your Brother T get his unstoppable goofy streak?” Well let me tell you, dear readers, look no farther than the man in the reflective rainbow sunglasses for that answer.