Preparing to Hibernate

by Anastasia on November 9, 2010

SPEAKING OF CRAFTS, I thought I’d share a photo that sums up how I’ve been spending the bulk of my free time lately. That’s right: I’ve been canning. It all started with this recipe for refrigerator pickles that Margaret Roach, founder of The Sister Project, posted on her gardening blog. I love how the simple steps of canning–sterilizing the jars; boiling a brine; gathering the perfect combination of spices–connects me to Margaret even though we’re separated by a thousand miles, and also connects me to the many women in my family who have done this very activity over the past hundred years. This women’s work is powerful stuff, eh?

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Julie November 12, 2010 at 12:06 pm

This is the first year I’ve done any pickling. Loving it. Made sweet pickle relish out of a bumper crop of yellow squash from the garden. Am, by history, a jam maker only when it comes to home canning. Excited about branching out into more home preserving. It’s almost marmalade making season. Check out Was gifted her book recently. It is a jam making hymnal. Can’t wait to take her class in Seattle in a couple weeks.

God Bless and happy canning – Julie

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