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If I Were The Stork

If I Were the Stork: Tiny Feminist

by Anastasia on March 10, 2011

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THIS FIVE YEAR-OLD HAS it all figured out! I’m a bit envious of her clarity on life’s heavy subjects. And I’m completely charmed by her passion. I love when she says “If he comes running out…”

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Cuteness x Infinity

by Anastasia on August 25, 2010

YOU MAY REMEMBER from a while back, a little post I wrote about the ever-adorable brother and sister team Tessa and LB from the blog Pacing the Panic Room. Well nowadays Tessa is already one and her daddio just recently put together this video chronicling the lil’ peanut’s growth in the womb. I find it endlessly cute when LB shows up in the photos. Big bros rule!

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If I Were the Stork: Jamie Kelles

by Anastasia on June 15, 2010

Jamie sports Style Council's recommended cutoff sweatshirt look.

LATELY I’VE BEEN LOVING The Seventeen Magazine Project, a social experiment and blog from 18 year-old high school senior, Jamie Kelles. The project guidelines require that Jamie live strictly according to the gospel of Seventeen Magazine for 30 days (from May 21 to the day of her high school graduation, June 21), in order to investigate further “the role of beauty/fashion magazines in society.” Her findings? Well, nearly to the end of this mad sociologist experiment, Jamie has blogged witty insight on all kinds of teen fem issues. Here are some of the highlights: [click to continue…]


Baby Fever

by Anastasia on May 16, 2010

OY, I’VE GOT IT bad. As I round the quarter-century bend in my life, some primordial alarm clock within me is screaming. (Anyone else?) I nearly burst into tears at the sight of this awesome eco-friendly onsie (as modeled by little guy J from Marvelous Kiddo with his big bro in the background). It’s from the Scandinavian children’s clothier Vyssan Lull. Why is it that Scandinavians are so endlessly cool?

(Photo by Leigh)


Little Dudes Do Seinfeld

by Anastasia on May 13, 2010

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I‘M SMITTEN WITH THIS video of lil’ brothers lip syncing to Jerry Seinfeld’s “Halloween” stand-up. That little dude in the Hawaii shirt is so fidgety and hilarious! (I love when he “says” that his mother made him wear a winter coat over his cool costume…mine too!)

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Oy. Post Hiatus.

by Anastasia on April 29, 2010

IT’S PROBABLY NO NEWS to you that I have been M.I.A. on the blog scene as of late (like, seriously late). As some of you know, I’m in grad school right now. And all semester I’ve been getting my butt kicked by school work and stress-induced skin rashes (don’t ask) and teaching work. The good news is: it’s almost the end of the semester! So with this post, I’m officially back on the blog scene and I promise not to abandon you fine readers again. (Cross my heart.) What better to kick off my return than with the cutest tiniest horse ever (the latest in my “If I Were the Stork” series)? My thoughts exactly…

(photo by Jim Cole)


If I Were the Stork: Kitten Paws

by Anastasia on December 10, 2009

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OH MY CUTENESS, I’m in love with this ticklish fur ball. And I can authoritatively say that watching those little kitten paws flail in the air is the new best cure for the blues! (See all my “If I Were the Stork” series of imagined adoptive siblings here.)


If I Were the Stork: Furry Babies

by Anastasia on November 12, 2009

il_430xN.101529493I‘M PRETTY SURE my lease agreement doesn’t include a clause on how baby farm animals are more than welcome. Darn. But thanks to photographer Sharon Montrose, I can now invite these darling little animals into my home. Lamb or baby porcupine? I can’t decide…


If I Were the Stork: Halloween Ed

by Anastasia on October 28, 2009

slide_3140_44447_largeNOTHING MAKES ME feel more festive/delighted than seeing little children in freaky Halloween costumes! And that’s the very reason that I can’t stop looking at this slideshow on The Huffington Post. Ah, chicken alien baby, you are so cute. Happy almost Halloween!


If I Were the Stork: ‘Le Flamby’

by Anastasia on October 1, 2009

MON DIEU! NEW DEVELOPMENTS on the cute French children front: this papa eats his petite fille’s flamby and some adorable mayhem ensues. There aren’t any subtitles, but I think even the French-challenged will be able to appreciate this one. (She keeps asking “elle est où?” meaning “where is it?”)

via Capucha.