Au Revoir, For Now

by Anastasia on January 5, 2012

YOU’VE PROBABLY NOTICED that posting around here has slowed to a trickle as of late. Sadly, the sisters of The Sister Project have decided to put our work here on hold while we chase other fancies on and off the blogosphere. For me, I’ll be wrapped up in teaching and writing.

It’s been truly a pleasure to explore and share sisterhood here with you for the past several years. While I’m away, the archives will remain, so feel free to get lost in a little history. (Here is my first post!) And most importantly: thank you, thank you for reading and being apart of this little family. A la prochaine…

(Photo of vintage Iowan siblings via Alison)



by Anastasia on July 6, 2011

WELL, IT’S HAPPENED. My older brother is officially old. Today is T’s 30th birthday. (Yet mysteriously he doesn’t seem a day over twelve.) When I asked him what he was planning on doing today, he responded with: “Well let me tell you what I’m NOT going to do today.” He then proceeded to list only two activities, both of which had to do with launching into space. So take heed, American public, anything is possible. [click to continue…]


Like My Daddy

by Anastasia on June 12, 2011

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FATHERS DON’T GET TOO much play here on The Sister Project. But I figured if there ever was a way to celebrate great dads, it should be with the lovely Loretta Lynn, who — let’s face it — is a bastion of womanly wisdom (and a famous daughter to boot). So happy father’s day to all the daughter-raising daddies out there, especially mine.


Current Inspiration

by Anastasia on June 11, 2011

I LOVE EVERYTHING about this photo of a multi-tasking mama — an unknown photo researcher in Paris — hard at work in 1982.



Going Girly

by Anastasia on June 8, 2011

MAYBE IT’S A REACTION TO (nay, coping mechanism for?) all the signs of adulthood springing up around me. But the truth is, I’ve been completely enamored with the frivolous aspects of womanhood lately. And yes, I’m talking makeup here. Beautiful, glossy, expensive, marketed-like-colorful-candy makeup. I want feminism and feathery eyelashes, too. Is that too much to ask? Really? [click to continue…]


Highlights from the Sister Jams

by Anastasia on May 16, 2011

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OKAY, SO I’VE BEEN meaning to do this post for a while. A very long while. You may remember (back in the infant days of The Sister Project) a little series called Sister Jams (Not Jellies), in which I highlighted all kinds of sibling bands and otherwise sisterly songs. (It was a broad sort of umbrella, really). In any case, that recent post I did about Kathleen Hanna reminded me of how Le Tigre’s “Hot Topic” is a much-needed third wave feminist-y addition to the list. And for nostalgia’s sake, how about we visit some of the old Sister Jams standards? [click to continue…]


Serious Blog Crush: Cat Party

by Anastasia on May 13, 2011

I HAVE BECOME so enamored lately of the blog Cat Party. Blogger Chelsea Fairless’s depiction and exploration of femininity is just the most satisfying mix of camp and rock and eternal glam. I swoon. Here is a taste–a recent post, which embodies everything I love about being a girl: [click to continue…]

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Lifting the Veil

by Anastasia on May 11, 2011

Sana Javed discusses why she stopped wearing the hijab in 2009

I AM ENDLESSLY FASCINATED by trans-cultural feminism. This is in part because being reminded of the tenuousness of my convictions always makes me feel alive. (A bit dramatic, I know.) So naturally, the intersection of Western media, Muslim women, and feminism is a place of exhilaration for me. [click to continue…]

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So Pure and White

by Anastasia on May 10, 2011

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IT’S BEEN FAR TOO LONG since I dug up any vintage advertisement gems here on the blog. So on the heels of the big wedding (you know, the one where we all allowed ourselves to become nostalgic saps about  fairy tale endings for a day), I thought this Ivory commercial would do just fine. Of note: is the princess receiving a large taxidermed giraffe along with her silks and diamonds? Also, I love her hairdo at 0:35.



200 Years of Sensible Sisterhood

by Anastasia on May 9, 2011

I AM LUCKY ENOUGH to have become good friends here at graduate school with a bonified Jane Austen nerd. (Hello, former English majors!) When I am a mess over school or weepy about love sagas, this friend of mine always listens to my gripes and then pauses thoughtfully, before saying something to the effect of: “It sounds like you need some more Jane in your life.” (Yes, this is her proposed remedy for everything.) [click to continue…]