4 Friends, 3 Books, 1 Interview

by marionroach on October 27, 2009

s-WRITING-AS-THERAPY-largeTRANSFORMING LOSS INTO LITERATURE has never been easy, but when three of your best friends do it, it’s worth writing about, as did Nancy Doyle Palmer in this extraordinary interview with Amy Dickinson, Lee Woodruff and Wendy Burden. Memoir writers to the max, two of the three have been on the bestseller list, and after I got an eyeful recently on a reader’s copy of Wendy Burden’s upcoming (Spring, 2010) memoir, I can predict from here that it’s destined for the list, as well. Make a cup of tea, get cozy, and read on. (Photo from Huffington Post.)


Memoir: What’s it All About?

by marionroach on July 8, 2009

smallyellowpad-1WHAT MAKES GOOD MEMOIR? I get this question all the time when I teach. And reading your comments on this makes me think it’s time to limn that line between what is merely some great scene versus a scene that is ready for the writing. [click to continue…]



A SISTER-FRIEND FROM OUR extended network, writer and yoga instructor Joely Johnson Mork, sent us the following piece back in December, during which time all of us were otherwise engaged making other kinds of lists. But I keep thinking of Joely’s offering, and wanted to share it. One week after a loss she was certain she would never write about, the death of her best friend, I asked Joely, a former student in my memoir-writing class, if she thought she could simply bring in a list of thoughts related to the event. She actually she wrote a series of three lists, about her last visit with Mary. I offer them here, in another busy time of year, to again help us take stock of what we value. [click to continue…]