A New Moon, a New Diet

by marionroach on October 19, 2009

new moonTHE NEW MOON IS UPON US, and as I do every new moon, I change what I eat. Crazy? Better to call me a lunatic, since that relates to the moon, and so do I, when twice a month I get in sync with that the moon is doing and in doing so, lessen those stubborn, persistent womanly symptoms that kick up or kick in or just plain drag you down.

The new moon was official in the first hour and 33rd minute of Sunday, October 18, and I’ll eat on a slightly different regimen for two weeks, until the next full moon, which will be November second.

Why? Because I believe in it, because the dietary changes are small, and because it works. In fact it has worked for me for more than 10 years. On the new moon, and for two full weeks following, into the little coffee grinder I keep specifically for this use purpose (and not for coffee), I put one tablespoon flax seeds and one tablespoon pumpkin seeds, adding the resulting mean and a teaspoon of fish oil into the regular daily protein shake. On the full moon I’ll change this to one tablespoon sunflower seeds, one tablespoon sesame seeds, and a tablespoon of Evening Primrose oil, holding that pattern until that next full moon. (All the time, these days, I’m following the general principles of the diet I mentioned recently, but adapting my important little extras as above.)

The next full moon is called the Full Beaver Moon. We get our names from the Native American tradition. How do I know this? I write and record the daily almanac piece entitled The Naturalist’s Datebook, heard exclusively on Martha Stewart Living Radio, Sirius 112/XM 157. Listen up. And see my other TSP almanac pieces here.

I got my dietary change prescription years ago at the suggestion of a doctor, when I still had really bad PMS. Even in menopause, it’s a wonder. Lunatic? You bet. And glad to be so.

(Wikipedia new moon image.)

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Amy October 19, 2009 at 9:23 pm

Interestingly, my discomfort (ehem) completely went away after giving birth. Or maybe it was just realizing that nothing compared to the the pain of labor? But, I sure could have used this remedy 5 years ago! I will pass it on.

marionroach October 20, 2009 at 7:03 am

Hi, Amy. And welcome back to TSP, where we swap over-the-counter recipes, soups, cooking tips for teaching men to cook, oh, pretty much all that we need to know, because that’s what sisters do. I use this change-up plan because of the monthly estrogen/progesterone ebb and flow, and it settles me right down nicely, safely and evenly. Glad to know childbirth did that for you. How wonderful. Please come back soon.

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