The Move-A-Body Sisterhood

by paige on January 26, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageHOW FAR WOULD you go for a sister? In a masterful stroke of synchronicity, that’s the question popping up every where in my life this week, from my guilty pleasure entertainment to my ongoing workshop in wholehearted living. Need a good test for the sister in your life?  Read on. Right about now, with the snow up to the eaves, I’m ready for heady escapism. What better than British costume drama? In  Downton Abbey, a British import currently airing on PBS’ Masterpiece Classic, Edwardian aristocrats Lord Grantham and his American-born wife are desperate to find a way to ensure that their eldest daughter, Lady Mary, can inherit their massive property. With no sons, if they can’t circumvent the law, their commoner third cousin will get the property and the title. Meanwhile, Lady Mary’s got secrets of her own. Her sisters, both by birth and by choice? Well, some will support her to the bitterest end, while others, motivated by jealousy, may cause her downfall. The last episode (of four) airs this Sunday on PBS, but you can watch the first three online or download them at iTunes. Light the fire, grab a cuppa, and lose yourself for an hour or three.

To manage her many intrigues, the lovely Lady Mary definitely could use what my new fave writer Brené Brown calls a “move a body” friendship. Until this week, I’d never read Brené Brown’s theory of what makes the truest sister bond, but thanks to my fellow travelers in my (amazing) Mondo Beyondo “Dream Lab” online course, I’ve seen the light. You’ll have to read Brené’s explanation for yourself; I can’t possibly do it justice. But trust me: with just a teeny soupçon of dark humor, she imagines the bleakest scenario in which we might call upon our sisters for help, the one in which we need and deserve support without judgment.

How far would you go, could you go, have you gone for the sisters in your life? Do you know who your move-a-body sister friends are? It’s worth pondering, before you need them. Watch some great TV, study up with Brené, and chime in.

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