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Fall Fest: Halloween, for the Grownups

by paige on October 12, 2010

BACK IN MY urban days, even after I had kids, Halloween was really an excuse for a bunch of adult friends to get together. We’d costume up our toddlers, sure. We let them walk around one block, before dark, collecting whatever candy they could from whichever adults happened to be home early from work, and then: We fed them mac ‘n cheese while we feasted. [click to continue…]


Great Read for a Grieving Eye

by paige on October 21, 2009

Gourmet TodayI WAS IN MY LOCAL bookstore last week, when a gorgeous green tome caught my grieving eye: the new Gourmet Today cookbook. Despite my snarky reaction to the “Free offer inside!” sticker on the cover (the offer is a free subscription to Gourmet magazine–don’t get me started, Condé Nast) I had to buy it. [click to continue…]


Don’t Blame the Blogs

by paige on October 14, 2009

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YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW I FEEL about the end of Gourmet. But let me be clear: Unlike many mainstream media outlets that covered this story, I don’t blame food bloggers. I love food blogs, and what I glean from their shiny digital pages is totally different than what I sought in Gourmet‘s glossy ones. So with my favorite food mag now history, I find myself seeking comfort from fellow foodies and passionate cooks. If you, too, need some emotional sustenance during these dark days, be sure to check out these sites, which are full of the vibrant joy of cooking well for yourself and others. [click to continue…]


Gourmet January 1943IHAD TO BREAK the news to my mother last night. A huge player in our shared history was gone. Her face went white, and she looked like she might cry. As we sat down to dinner (a dish I re-christened Cold Comfort Chicken Potpie) she looked down. “I just can’t believe it’s gone.” She was talking, of course, about Gourmet magazine. [click to continue…]