Passover, Sister-Style

by paige on April 18, 2011

WASP BY BIRTH, non-religious by choice, I nonetheless welcome the religious holidays that herald the start of spring. While my kids are counting down to the Easter Bunny, I’m thrilled to celebrate Passover tonight.

Passover has a special meaning for me, never mind my lack of faith or even Jewish roots. It’s a holiday when I celebrated the family I’ve formed over the years, from friends and children and shared experiences. When I lived in L.A., I spent nearly every Passover with my sister-friend Chris and her family…which is why this morning, I found the picture above in my email inbox. Chris’ email said “Brisket ‘before’ Picture.” I’ll just title it, “The Brisket I Won’t Be Eeating”.

Though I’ll miss my family-of-friends in L.A., though I’m lucky to be joining new friends for tonight’s celebration…and I’m bringing my favorite Kosher-for-Passover chocolate cake. I found the recipe thanks to Martha Stewart, and it’s a part of my ever-evolving sister, Passover story. I hope you’ll read, and enjoy, and if you need a seder dessert, cook along with me. Zissen Pesach to all.

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