A Sisterly Mother’s Day Must-Listen

by paige on May 6, 2011

NEED A LAST minute gift for a sister or mother this weekend? Look, or should I say, listen, no further: we’ve got a new release from one of music’s great mamas…and her equally mesmerizing sister. [click to continue…]


Finding the Middle of My Very Own Road

by paige on May 3, 2011

SISTER SHEILAA’S AT it again, giving us good advice under her beautiful umbrella of stars. According to her, the challenge for Aries this month is to find the middle road through all the ups and downs. Seems to me, that’s a quest for a lifetime, not a month, but with some good counsel, I think I’m on my way. The Buddhists (and friends) have this one covered… [click to continue…]

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Three Cheers for the Sisterhood!

by paige on April 29, 2011

THE MIDDLETON SISTERHOOD, that is. I’m not too proud to admit that I, too, popped out of bed this morning at the crack of stupid to check out the wedding. You know, THE WEDDING.

And I wasn’t disappointed: from top to tails, the entire event, from the critical standpoints of fashion and romance, did not disappoint. Since I’m a freak who has no cable TV, I rely upon the interwebs for my breaking news fix. Here’s a roundup of the sites that best satisfied my jones for all things Kate and Pippa early this a.m., and all day long. I can’t get enough of these long, lean beauties, who seem smart, fun, and not afraid to enjoy the big day.

The Gray Lady, yes, the New York Times, has a restrained and elegant slideshow of the day’s event. Very proper and fitting, blah blah blah. Let’s get to the good stuff.

The lovely ladies of Jezebel have the lowdown on what we really care about. Duh. The dress. As they say, “We waited. And damn it, we’re going to ogle the shit out of this thing.” Amen, sisters. Here you go: Kate’s dress from every damn angle. You’re welcome.

The Daily News, never one for subtlety, is trying to get a catfight going, claiming that lovely Pippa (supposedly the “fun one”, whatever that means) stole the show. She did look amazing in her more youthful, sexier, also Burton for McQueen gown. Let the Prince Harry-Pippa matchmaking begin!

For a partly-proper, partly humorous (tongue in cheek, mind you–these are Brits we’re talking about) play-by-play, I turned to the Telegraph‘s coverage this morning. Love their pic of Wills and Kate driving off in Dad’s Aston Martin convertible.

It’s a British wedding, which means it’s all about the crazy hats. TooFab has the best of the wacky toppers all lined up for your open-mouthed perusal. Can you bear to pick a fave?

And finally, over at the vaunted Financial Times, fashion maven Vanessa Friedman has all the details, down to the lacemakers, about the dress. Fascinating.

Three cheers to the lovely Kate and Pippa, the day’s (the year’s?) top sisters!


Getting to the Heart of Loss

by paige on April 25, 2011

THANK HEAVENS FOR sisters. That’s my refrain this week, as I contemplate a tragic loss, and try to find my way through grief. Lucky for me, my sisters have some excellent advice. [click to continue…]


Passover, Sister-Style

by paige on April 18, 2011

WASP BY BIRTH, non-religious by choice, I nonetheless welcome the religious holidays that herald the start of spring. While my kids are counting down to the Easter Bunny, I’m thrilled to celebrate Passover tonight. [click to continue…]

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