Looking Back at an Auxiliary Lady

by paige on July 6, 2011

REGULAR READERS KNOW how much I adore my cache of old-time fundraising recipes, affectionately known here as “Ladies Auxilary” cookbooks. I love them for their insight into long-lost appetites and cooking styles, their windows into communities, and sometimes, for the laughs they bring. This essay, “The Famous Recipe” by Floyd Skloot, captures all of that, and more. Do yourself a favor, and read Floyd’s great remembrance of his not-much-of-a-cook mama, and the recipe she could not possibly have created for her temple’s special cookbook.

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Floyd Skloot July 7, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Hi Paige,

Thanks for noticing my essay and for calling attention to it.


Kathy July 17, 2011 at 11:02 am

Hi Paige!
If you saw how many of those “Ladies Auxiliary Cookbooks” we have at our house, you’d feel right at home!

I can’t resist them – I buy them all the time at yard sales.

By the way – on that Tuna Cassserole recipe above – if you or your readers are looking for a cream of mushroom soup that doesn’t have all the added stuff like MSG in it, there’s a brand “Amy’s” that a lot of supermarkets are now carrying. Her condensed version is EXCELLENT in Tuna Casserole. You’ll have to find a “natural” or “Organic” section of the grocery store though to locate the brand since a lot of stores don’t put soups like this in the “regular” canned soup aisle.

:) Kath

Kathy July 17, 2011 at 11:14 am

It’s me again Paige… I had to come back to tell you that I just read the piece by Floyd Skloot about his mother’s infamous “Veal Italienne Sklootini.” That was HILARIOUS!

I can picture the whole scenario too… What great imagry, and I’m really glad you posted that link.

Put a major “Sunday Smile” on my face.

:) Kath

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