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Sisters in the Kitchen

Looking Back at an Auxiliary Lady

by paige on July 6, 2011

REGULAR READERS KNOW how much I adore my cache of old-time fundraising recipes, affectionately known here as “Ladies Auxilary” cookbooks. I love them for their insight into long-lost appetites and cooking styles, their windows into communities, and sometimes, for the laughs they bring. This essay, “The Famous Recipe” by Floyd Skloot, captures all of that, and more. Do yourself a favor, and read Floyd’s great remembrance of his not-much-of-a-cook mama, and the recipe she could not possibly have created for her temple’s special cookbook.


Exotic. Different. Coleslaw? So claims one of our beloved Ladies’ Auxiliary cookbooks about its recipe for “Fruit Slaw”, possibly a perfect side dish for any summer weekend, and especially the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Are you  planning your cookouts? Our lovely Ladies have lots to offer when it comes to our favorite classic, all-American salad. [click to continue…]


Wanted: Sunny Summer Savories

by paige on May 25, 2011

YES, I KNOW: technically, it is not summer. But we’ve got forecasts in the 80s, and darn it, it’s (about to be! Whoo hoo!) Memorial Day weekend. Let the picnicking and ‘cue-ing begin! In need of inspiration? Look no further than our own archives of amazing summer recipes. Some vintage, some our own concoctions, there’s plenty to tempt palates from simple to soignée…

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? We love a good potato salad, and while we can’t make it from our own garden haul, not just yet, that’s no reason not to enjoy this all-American staple. Take a peek at our Ladies’ Auxiliary vintage recipe round-up, and you’ll find something just perfect for your picnic table.

I love fried chicken, but try to do like my disciplined friend Mimi: indulge in it, and indulge good, just once a year. If this isn’t your moment for deep fried decadence, my high school reunion special roast chicken is good hot, warm or cold, and makes a healthier, impossibly easy stand-in.

To continue the healthy theme, check out my Asian-inflected food blog roundup. Among other perfect-for-the-heat suggestions is a divine cold noodle salad from uber-blogger Heidi Swanson. (Want more of the wonders of the digital recipe box? Many more favorite food blogs await you.

But wait! What about dessert? Well, you’ve read my apple pie saga, right? Though not seasonally appropriate, apple pie’s always divine…but then again, in my family, it can cause some serious strife. Maybe best to stick with the season, and let the only fool be rhubarb. Mmmm.

Ok, sisters: your turns. What picnics are you packing, what sides are you serving for this upcoming, eagerly awaited long weekend?


Sisters, Root for Rhubarb

by paige on May 21, 2011

MAY IS THE month where my garden comes alive, and one of the first things I start cooking is rhubarb. So what better time to take a look back, through our treasured cache of Ladies’ Auxiliary cookbooks, to see how our fore-sisters treated this ruby red delight?

[click to continue…]


Passover, Sister-Style

by paige on April 18, 2011

WASP BY BIRTH, non-religious by choice, I nonetheless welcome the religious holidays that herald the start of spring. While my kids are counting down to the Easter Bunny, I’m thrilled to celebrate Passover tonight. [click to continue…]

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