This One’s For the Little Sisters

by paige on July 21, 2011

Tricia and Megan of 'Stop Being A Loser'

I‘M AN ONLY child. I can’t say I pine for siblings, but I’d be lying if I said I never wished for big-sisterly guidance. [click to continue…]


Sisterly Reads: The Twisted Thread

by paige on July 13, 2011

MY LATEST SUMMER book find is a winner: a chilling murder mystery with a secret sisterhood of privileged teens at its center. My own path to finding this gem of a thriller was pretty twisted, too. [click to continue…]

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Looking Back at an Auxiliary Lady

by paige on July 6, 2011

REGULAR READERS KNOW how much I adore my cache of old-time fundraising recipes, affectionately known here as “Ladies Auxilary” cookbooks. I love them for their insight into long-lost appetites and cooking styles, their windows into communities, and sometimes, for the laughs they bring. This essay, “The Famous Recipe” by Floyd Skloot, captures all of that, and more. Do yourself a favor, and read Floyd’s great remembrance of his not-much-of-a-cook mama, and the recipe she could not possibly have created for her temple’s special cookbook.


Exotic. Different. Coleslaw? So claims one of our beloved Ladies’ Auxiliary cookbooks about its recipe for “Fruit Slaw”, possibly a perfect side dish for any summer weekend, and especially the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Are you  planning your cookouts? Our lovely Ladies have lots to offer when it comes to our favorite classic, all-American salad. [click to continue…]


Sisterly Reads: Black and White

by paige on June 21, 2011

Dani Shapiro is probably well-known to most regular TSP readers; her latest book, Devotion, inspired a wonderful blog-friendship between her and our very own Sister Margaret. But thanks to a dear friend (who happens to be a guy – who says you have to be female to be sisterly?) I discovered her earlier novel, Black and White, and made it my first beach read of the summer. Do you need a book to tote along? Read on.

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